Sentence Examples

  • What we can alone describe as a literature, first the early Eddic verse, next the habit of narrating sagas: these things the Norsemen learned probably from their Celtic subjects, partly in Ireland, partly in the western islands of Scotland; and they first developed the new literature on the soil of Iceland.
  • Nevertheless, some of the Eddic songs do seem to give the very form and pressure of the viking period.'
  • The byrnie or mail-shirt is often mentioned in Eddic songs: so are the axe, the spear, the javelin, the bow and arrows and the sword.
  • His memory was remarkable, and if the whole of the Eddic poems had been lost, he could have written them down from memory.
  • 1688; Gunnar Palsson, the author of Gunnarslag, often printed with the Eddic poems, c. 1791; and Eggert Olafsson, traveller, naturalist and patriot, whose untimely death in 1768 was a great loss to his country.