Sentence Examples

  • (c) The texts of the Tombs of the Kings at Thebes (XVIIIth XXth Dyn.) consist of a series of theological books compiled at an uncertain date; they have been edited by Naville and Lefbure.
  • (XIXth Dyn.) at Abydos, as well as in some later papyri in Berlin.
  • The funerary ritual is known from texts in the Theban tombs (XVIIIthXXth Dyn.) and papyri and sarcophagi of later date; older versions are contained in the Pyramid texts and The Book of the Dead.
  • In the old story of Sinuhit (ascribed to the 12th dyn.) the hero visits the land of Kedem, which, it was suggested, lay to the south-east or south of the Dead Sea; see, however, now A.