Sentence Examples

  • For by (30) do = dv, and by (2) dv is proportional to ds.
  • The heat absorbed in isothermal expansion from vo to v at a temperature 0 is equal to the work done by equation (8) (since d0 =o, and 0(dp/d0)dv =pdv), and both are given by the expression RO log e (v/vo).
  • Since by definition E_ - v(dp/dv) =p(dp/dp) equation (6) becomes U = (dp / dp) (7) The value U = / (E/p) was first virtually obtained by Newton (Principia, bk.
  • Linke's mean value for dV/dh at the ground was 125.
  • Dv, Velar area or cephalic dome.