Sentence Examples

  • The Drapers' Company has given £15,50o towards building a library, in addition to previous donations to the engineering department and the scholarship fund of the college.
  • Among the more notable of these halls are those of the Mercers, Drapers, Fishmongers, Clothworkers, Armourers and Stationers.
  • The People's Palace, Mile End Road, opened in 1887, is both a recreative and an educational institution (called East London College) erected and subsequently extended mainly through the liberality of the Drapers' Company and of private donors.
  • In the 15th and 16th .centuries a weekly market was held at Oswestry for the sale of woollen goods manufactured in North Wales, but in the 17th century the drapers of Shrewsbury determined to get the trade into their own town, and although an Order in the Privy Council was passed to restrain it to Oswestry they agreed in 1621 to buy no more cloth there.
  • This fur is dyed jet black and various shades of brown and grey, and manufactured into articles for the small drapers and for exportation.

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