Sentence Examples

  • Lockyer and the Draper Catalogue.
  • 1770) and BrigadierGeneral William Draper (1721-1787), was sent to the Philippines.
  • Paul Stapfer (1870, 2nd ed., 1882); and many fresh particulars as to Sterne's relations with his wife and daughter, and also with the lady known as "Eliza" (Mrs Elizabeth Draper), are collected in Mr Sidney Lee's article in the Did.
  • After 1615, the date of the pageant prepared for the mayoralty of Sir John Jolles, draper, by Anthony Munday and entitled Metropolis Coronata, a peer was imported into it, and the yeoman of the older version was metamorphosed into the earl of Huntingdon, for whom in the following century William Stukeley discovered a satisfactory pedigree!
  • JOHN WILLIAM DRAPER (1811-1882), American scientist, was born at St Helen's, near Liverpool, on the 5th of May 1811.