Double-dipping Definition

The practice of receiving compensation, benefits, etc. from two or more sources in a way regarded as unethical, as from a military pension and a government job.
Webster's New World
Double dipping is defined as the act of getting compensation from two divisions of the same employer or putting food into a dip for a second time after it has already been bitten.
An example of double dipping is to receive a pension as a retired military officer while working for the government as a civilian.
An example of double dipping is to dip a piece of shrimp into cocktail sauce, bite it and then dip the bitten part back into the sauce.

Present participle of double-dip.

The ability to deduct interest expense in two different tax jurisdictions at the same time. This is a creative, cross-border financing arrangement. Double dipping can also refer to any other similar situation in which a system is used to a person or company’s benefit.
Webster's New World Finance

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