Sentence Examples

  • Mary Kay: Mary Kay Cosmetics, a company that has been in existence since 1963, is famous for its products and its independent consultants who used to go door-to-door selling makeup to woman across the United States.
  • The lamps were selling successfully through salesman who would travel door-to-door in rural areas, demonstrating the lamps and even leaving them in the home for overnight trials.
  • Senior citizen perks on other urban transportation systems range from discounted fares and senior passes to door-to-door service and special routes for shopping and recreation.
  • The party could serve food at a soup kitchen, organize a door-to-door food drive, or help volunteer at a humane society, library, children's hospital, or other facility.
  • An Italian immigrant, Vittorio originally started the winery in San Francisco (delivering the wine door-to-door) but ceased operations in 1920 because of Prohibition.