Sentence Examples

  • For the doctorate in law, a thesis and two oral examinations are required.
  • He now completed his studies, taking his doctorate in 1872.
  • He studied law, theology and science at the university of Poitiers from 1536 to 1539; then, after some travel, attended the universities of Bologna and Padua, receiving the doctorate from the latter in 1548.
  • In 1245 he went to Paris, received his doctorate and taught for some time, in accordance with the regulations, with great success.
  • The student desiring to proceed to the doctorate is free from examinations thereafter until he presents his thesis for the doctor's degree,' when, if it is accepted, he is submitted to a public oral examination not only in his principal subject (Haupt f ach), but also as a rule in two or more collateral subjects (Nebenfeicher).