Sentence Examples

  • Aside from dance games like Dance Dance Revolution and alternative rhythm games like Samba di Amigo and DJ Hero, the most notable competition for the Guitar Hero audience on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is the Rock Band franchise.
  • The lack of detail and yards of fabric usually mean the dress will cost less than some of the more traditional options, saving more money for a DJ or an extra night or two at your honeymoon destination.
  • There are six titles in the main series, as well as three band-centric games, three spinoffs, three "On Tour" portable games, and several other titles for mobile devices, as well as the related DJ Hero series.
  • Since dJ=-4d9-pdv, we have also the relations dJ'/dv' = - p = dJ"/dv", at constant temperature.
  • F" =S 0 0 - (n+1)cp+bp+B„ dG"/dO (p const) =0" = dJ"/dB (v const)..