Sentence Examples

  • In 1863-1865 he was state senator; in 1865-1866 assistant United States district-attorney, and in 1866-1870 districtattorney for the Louisville district; and in 1870-1872, after a few months' practice of law with John M.
  • In 1801 Livingston was appointed U.S. district-attorney for the state of New York, and while retaining that position was in the same year appointed mayor of New York City.
  • On his recovery he found his private affairs in some confusion, and he was at the same time deeply indebted to the government for public funds which had been lost through the mismanagement or dishonesty of a confidential clerk, and for which he was responsible as district-attorney.
  • Roscoe Conkling was admitted to the bar at Utica, New York, in 1850, was appointed district-attorney of Oneida (disambiguation)|Oneida county in the same year, and soon attained success in the practice of his profession.