Sentence Examples

  • When problems become increasingly difficult to work out or violence is threatened, the couple should seek relationship help from professional counselors or abuse centers that are equipped to handle more disruptive disputes.
  • Not only does alcohol contain almost as many calories per gram as pure fat (7 calories vs. 9 calories per gram), but the toxic elements have a disruptive effect on your natural hormone balance that can last for days.
  • If children behave aggressively with peers, act bossy and domineering, or are disruptive and impulsive at school, they are more likely to have long-lasting peer difficulties than are children who are simply shy.
  • For he left no heir to carry on his work; his death " loosened the bonds which restrained the disruptive forces always ready to operate in India, and allowed them to produce their normal result, a medley of petty states, with ever-varying boundaries, and engaged in unceasing internecine war."
  • But his radicalism had now become of a disruptive quality, and he quarrelled with and even thwarted Kosciuszko because the dictator would not admit that the Polish republic could only be saved by the methods of Jacobinism.