Sentence Examples

  • This displacement is in no way finished; in fact, it has hardly begun.
  • We have already called attention to the gradual displacement of the gild merchant by the craft organizations.
  • If P represent the average value of the component of a force in the direction of the displacement, s, of its point of application, the product Ps measures the work done during the displacement.
  • Then the displacement at 0 will take place in a direction perpendicular to 0 1 0, and lying in the plane Z0 1 0; and, if 1' be the displacement at 0, reckoned positive in the direction nearest to that in which the incident vibrations are reckoned positive, = 4?y (1 +cos 0) sin 4 f' (bt - r).
  • Mechanical ventilation may be effected either by direct exhaustion or centrifugal displacement of the air to be removed.