Sentence Examples

  • Windthorst took the responsibility of keeping the papal instructions secret from the rest of his party and of disobeying them.
  • The idea Darkyn voluntarily took a bond to a human when he made a name for himself disobeying his former master … There might be a reason Darkyn hadn't explained it to his mate.
  • General Ramorino, disobeying his instructions, failed to prevent a corps of Austrians under Lieut.
  • In some states it has become necessary to provide for fines and even imprisonment of men disobeying the regulations regarding explosives.
  • 2 The serpent too (whose unique form preoccupied the early men) shall be humiliated, as a perpetual warning to man - who is henceforth his enemy - of the danger of reasoning on and disobeying the will of God.