Sentence Examples

  • Christ takes Andrew and his disciples with Him, and effects the rescue of Matthew.
  • Though he has had a vast influence in this special department, the disciples of his general philosophy are few.
  • They do not spring historically from the disciples of John the Baptist (Acts xviii.
  • Simon to his numerous assembly of disciples on the form of the Deity and on pneumatology; (10) " The Young Man," discourses by young men of superhuman origin on the mysteries of ablutions; and (I I) " The Small Assembly," containing the discourses on the Sephiroth which R.
  • 3), who translated them from the Syriac. They are two in number, and purport to be a petition of Abgar Uchomo, king of Edessa, to Christ to visit Edessa, and Christ's answer, promising after his ascension to send one of his disciples, who should " cure thee of thy disease, and give eternal life and peace to thee and all thy people."