Sentence Examples

  • NIOBE, in Greek mythology, daughter of Tantalus and Dione, wife of Amphion, king of Thebes.
  • The connexion of Zeus and Hera was probably not primitive, since Dione seems to have preceded Hera as the wife of Zeus at Dodona.
  • In it and around it were found the most interesting products of excavation - statuettes and decorative bronzes, many of them bearing dedications to Zeus Naius and Dione, and inscriptions, including many small tablets of lead which contained the questions put to the oracle.
  • 9 Zeus the Sky-God is seen here allied to the Earth-Goddess, of whom his feminine counterpart, Dione, may have been the personal form.
  • In the Iliad, Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus and Dione, a name by which she herself is sometimes called.