Sentence Examples

  • The proceedings were dilatory, and the attitude of the Dutch deputies exceedingly exasperating.
  • In 1639 he was as active in arms in the north as Hamilton, on the king's side, was dilatory and helpless in the south.
  • Incensed by the dilatory and factious proceedings of the House, Cromwell dismissed the parliament on the 22nd of January 1655.
  • Had been set free before the dilatory pope put Leopold of Austria under the ban.
  • During the rest of this Vicksburg campaign there was much friction between McClernand and his colleagues; he undoubtedly intrigued for the removal of Grant; it was Grant's opinion that at Champion's Hill (May 16) he was dilatory; and because a congratulatory order to his corps was published in the press (contrary to an order of the department and another of Grant) he was relieved of his command on the, 8th of June, and was replaced by General E.