Sentence Examples

  • Probably he was beyond his age in this science, for we read of Garamnus, his first tutor at Reims, whom he attempted to ground in this subject: "Artis difficultate victus, a musica rejectus est."
  • Pontificis, dedicated to the new pope (John XXIII.); De modis uniendi ac reformandi ecclesiam and De difficultate reformationis in concilio universali, advocating the convocation of a council, to which the pope is to bow; Contra dampnatos Wiclivitas Pragae, against the Hussites; Jura ac privilegia imperii, a glorification of the empire in view of the convocation of the council of Constance; Avisamenta pulcherrima de unione et reformatione membrorum et capitis fienda, a programme of church reform based on his experiences of the evils of the papal system.