Sentence Examples

  • Various derivations are given by the ancient grammarians - one from the town of Aegae; another from Aegea, a queen of the Amazons who perished in this sea; and a third from Aegeus, the father of Theseus, who, supposing his son dead, drowned himself in it.
  • (1891); the various derivations of the name and interpretations of the legend are given in Enmann's article in Roscher's Lexikon der Mythologie.
  • M.) C. History Various derivations of the word " algebra," which is of Arabian origin, have been given by different writers.
  • The name Rhine, which is apparently of Celtic origin, is of uncertain etymology, the most favoured derivations being either from der Rinnende (the flowing), or from Rein (the clear), the latter being now the more generally accepted.
  • The derivations of names may here be grouped into two classes, those having a commercial connexion, and those associated with ancient buildings, particularly the City wall and ecclesiastical foundations.