Sentence Examples

  • But the emperor died before the project could be consummated, and for twenty-five years Ares memory remained the sole depository of the collected annals.
  • Which finally vindicated the reality of spiritual things and the supremacy of Yahweh's purpose, in the political ruin of the' nation which was the faithless depository of these sacred truths.
  • This same sanctity makes it serve as a depository for goods of all sorts in times of danger, the chief church forming a sort of bank.
  • A supplementary act of 1906 also created a new national banking institution, called the Banco Central, which is made a depository of the public revenues and is charged with a considerable part of their administration, including payments on account of the foreign debt and the conversion of the paper currency into coin.
  • Among colonial houses still standing are the birthplace of Count Rumford (in North Woburn), built about 1714, and now preserved by the Rumford Historical Association as a depository for the Rumford Library and historical memorials, and the Baldwin mansion (built partly in 1661 and later enlarged), the home of Loammi Baldwin (1780-1838), known as "the father of civil engineering in America."