Sentence Examples

  • The well-meaning but weak king Zedekiah he denounces with bitter scorn as a perjured traitor (xvii).
  • Thus he praises Grosseteste, while he denounces Grosseteste's scheme of monastic reform.
  • He directs this spirit of revolt also against the sources of his own inspiration; he turns bitterly against Wagner, whose intimate friend and enthusiastic admirer he had been, and denounces him as the musician of decadent emotionalism; he rejects his "educator" Schopenhauer's pessimism, and transforms his will to live into a "Will to Power."
  • It denounces both indiscriminate alms-giving and the national work-shops proposed by Sir Humphrey Mackworth.
  • He has been classed with Arians, but he endorses in his own way the homoousian formula, and denounces Arius as " Christi gloriae incapacissimus."