Sentence Examples

  • Burghers of all denominations are enrolled in one or other of the arts or gilds, and these trading companies furnish the material from which the government or signoria bf the city is composed.
  • She added, almost in a whisper, That's why I suggested Claire give the smaller denominations to Mr. O'Connor.
  • One of the former city gates (1615) remains, and there are a town hall, communal buildings (1863), court-house, weigh-house, synagogue and churches of various denominations, in one of which is the tomb of the naval hero of the 16th century, Lange, or Groote Pier (Long or Great Peter).
  • The principal religious denominations are the Baptist (371,518 in 1906) and the Methodist (212,105 in 1906).
  • The following are the leading denominations in Alberta:- 1901.