Sentence Examples

  • But a patrician demagogue who ended by becoming a tyrant to patricians as well as plebeians.
  • Bound by a secret understanding with the Radical leader Cavallotti, an able but unscrupulous demagogue, Rudini was compelled to bow to Radical exigencies.
  • The Jacobin municipality was overturned, and Challier, their fiercest demagogue, was arrested.
  • KARL FREDRIK PECHLIN (1720-1796), Swedish politician and demagogue, son of the Holstein minister at Stockholm, was educated in Sweden, and entered the Swedish army.
  • By the German public, to whom Ancillon was known only through his earlier writings and some isolated protests against the "demagogue-hunting" in fashion at Berlin, his advent to power was hailed as a triumph of liberalism.