Sentence Examples

  • Plain White Ts song about a guy touring the world with his band but pining over the college girl he left behind was an instant hit and inspired everything from "I Am Delilah" t-shirts to countless cover and parody versions.
  • Although Hey There Delilah is not on the initial pressings of Every Second Counts, subsequent pressings of the album include a new version of the song, complete with string section, as a bonus track.
  • Metro Lyrics - Lyrics plus Hey There Delilah ringtones are available on this site, and even better, there are no pop up ads (which is a rarity among dedicated song lyric websites).
  • This site also makes recommendations for other songs you might want to check out given your Hey There Delilah preference, so it can be a good tool for finding new music.
  • Lyrics Mode - On Lyrics Mode, not only can you get the lyrics, but you can listen to the song and watch the entire Hey There Delilah video for free.