Sentence Examples

  • The store prides itself on having fashionable and stylish clothes for all kids, both boys and girls, including popular lines such as the Stella McCartney line that debuted in the 2009 fashion season and had a second line in 2010.
  • Erica's child (a product of a rape when she was just 14 years old) debuted on the show in the mid 90s played by Sarah Michelle Gellar (who would earn an Emmy for her portrayal and would go on to play Buffy the Vampire Slayer).
  • The ties debuted in 1992 by Stonehenge, Ltd. Currently, any new ties that are released are either rehashes of older ties or original designs not by Garcia himself, but from artists basing the new artwork on old artwork.
  • However, truTV is quick to point out that Hardcore Pawn was already in production when Pawn Stars debuted and that the time slot is simply because the network wanted to tie the show in with existing hit Operation Repo.
  • Although the original version of We Are The World debuted well before downloads existed, downloads of the remake of the song, We Are The World 25, raised millions of dollars for the Haitian earthquake relief effort.