Sentence Examples

  • The joy of the gospel, expressing itself in songs and thanksgivings, is damped (iii.
  • The magnetic and electric forces are directed alternately in one direction and the other, and at distances which are called multiples of a wave length the force is in the same direction at the same time, but in the case of damped waves not quite the same intensity.
  • In the case of transmitters constructed as above described, in which the effective agent in producing the electric waves radiated is the sudden discharge of a condenser, it should be noticed that what is really sent out is a train of damped or decadent electric waves.
  • Such a sequence of decreasing electric oscillations and corresponding set of waves is called a damped train.
  • In the case of the plain or directly excited antenna the oscillations are highly damped, and each train probably only consists at most of half a dozen oscillations.