Sentence Examples

  • Now consider a portion of a cylindric film of length x terminated by two equal disks of radius r and containing a certain volume of air.
  • Now let us consider a cylindric film contained between two equal fixed disks A and B, and let a third disk, C, be placed midway between.
  • Hence if the length of the cylindric film is less than its circumference, it is in stable equilibrium.
  • But if the length of the cylindric film is greater than its circumference, and if we suppose the disk C to be placed midway between A and B, and to be moved towards A, the pressure on the side next A will diminish, and that on the side next B will increase, so that the resultant force will tend to increase the displacement, and the equilibrium of the disk C is therefore unstable.
  • Hence the equilibrium of a cylindric film whose length is greater than its circumference is unstable.