Sentence Examples

  • According to Consumer Search, some people who work with computer-aided design like the CRT style a bit more because of the superior color displays, higher resolution, and relatively low cost.
  • The upside of CRT monitors is that you can find them very inexpensively online and in computer shops, which often have them on clearance in order to make room for newer LCD monitors.
  • At one time the dot pitch factor was important in purchasing a CRT, but today's models usually have a dot or stripe pitch measure of .28 or lower which will do for most applications.
  • However, LCD monitors typically cost more than CRT versions.Fortunately, LCD monitors have got cheaper in recent years, which makes them more accessible to frugal computer owners.
  • Cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions are the tried-and-true television technology, but they are generally limited to 40-inch screens or lower due to general bulk and weight.