Sentence Examples

  • This page gives an overview of all articles in the 1911 Brittanica which are alphabetized under Cro to Cun.
  • - His works are numerous: Les Fees au moyen age and Histoire des legendes pieuses au moyen age; two books filled with ingenious ideas, which were published in 1843, and reprinted after the death of the author, with numerous additions under the title Cro y ances et legendes du moyen age (1896); Histoire des grandes folets de la Gaule et de l'ancienne France (1850, a 3rd ed.
  • Chromium forms three series of compounds, namely the chromous salts corresponding to CrO, chromous oxide, chromic salts, corresponding to Cr203, chromium sesquioxide, and the chromates corresponding to Cr0,, chromium trioxide or chromic anhydride.
  • Chromous oxide, CrO, is unknown in the free state, but in the hydrated condition as Cr04H 2 0 or Cr(OH) 2 it may be prepared by precipitating chromous chloride by a solution of potassium hydroxide in air-free water.
  • Oxyhalogen derivatives of chromium are known, the oxychloride, CrO 2 C1 21 resulting on heating potassium bichromate and common salt with concentrated sulphuric acid.