Sentence Examples

  • It lies on a cove sheltered by two projecting headlands.
  • Soon afterwards a small settlement was established in Flying Fish Cove by Mr G.
  • In August 1849 the queen and Prince Albert, accompanied by the little princess royal and the prince of Wales, paid a visit to Ireland, landing at the Cove of Cork, which from /rash trip, that day was renamed Queenstown.
  • The last parties of the Anzac force were to ship at Anzac Cove but for a detachment on the extreme left, which would embark with the Suvla troops.
  • In a cave near Consuelo Cove, southern Patagonia, have been found fragments of the skin and bones of a large ground-sloth, Grypotherium (Neomylodon) listai, associated with human remains.