Sentence Examples

  • Again, this varies by program and varies by course, but most full-time students can expect to spend anywhere from eight to twelve hours weekly on their coursework in the classroom and an additional five to ten hours outside the classroom.
  • Depending on your area of study, the length of your program, tasks involved in coursework, and even factors like the name recognition of your university, the total price tag for tuition can vary widely among grad degree programs.
  • One of the best things about the University of Oklahoma CIDL program is that their website is very transparent, which makes it easy to learn about the program and select the coursework that will help you achieve your own goals.
  • If you are a college graduate, consider the fact that you might be able to thrive in an environment where you can audit or take free coursework (if not extremely discounted coursework) to augment your previous degree.
  • For example, the curriculum includes coursework that provides training about how to properly handle and control dogs as well as techniques that can be used to reduce the risk of being bitten while grooming a dog.