Sentence Examples

  • Customers who need assistance with their mortgages that were once serviced by Countrywide should contact Bank of America.The information featured below pertains to Countrywide prior to Bank of America's purchase of this company.
  • Potential borrowers looking to obtain a reverse mortgage should find a lender that is currently in business and accepting applications.The information below pertains to when Countrywide was still open for business.
  • Countrywide is more widely known as a lender that can get applicants approved despite bad credit histories and other detrimental credit scenarios than as a mortgage lender with rock-bottom interest rates.
  • Once you have provided the personal information that Countrywide needs, you will be assigned to a loan expert who will be able to answer any question you have and find a loan program suited to your needs.
  • Countrywide takes the stance that reverse mortgages are a great idea for people who have trouble making ends meet financially, and who qualify for a reverse mortgage based on the aforementioned criteria.