Sentence Examples

  • Cornfield MAiZE manager Dorathy Black Law (also the daughter of the farm owner) sat down with LoveToKnow Movies for an exclusive interview about the New Moon corn maze.
  • Cornstalkers: This haunted cornfield on the Frontier Trail is filled with more than autumn vegetables.
  • By taking a block of marble and carving a statue, or taking a handful of seed and growing a cornfield, you have combined your labor and know-how with something of little value and have created something of more value.
  • I have made a satisfactory dinner, satisfactory on several accounts, simply off a dish of purslane (Portulaca oleracea) which I gathered in my cornfield, boiled and salted.
  • The head of her elder brother, the boy earl marshal, had been stricken off in the cornfield under the walls of York, but her younger brother's right to his father's dukedom was allowed by parliament in 1425.