Sentence Examples

  • The coincidence that so indispensable a thing should also be so abundant, that an iron-needing man should be set on an iron-cored globe, certainly suggests design.
  • Sumpner, "New Iron-cored Instruments for Alternate Current Working," Jour.
  • Even the simple elements of rivets and bolts have produced immense developments since the days when bolts were made by hand, holes cored or hand-drilled, and rivets formed and closed by hand labour.
  • The beam is of bronze in a single deep casting, cored out in the middle so as to allow the saddle at the top of the stand to pass through the beam and afford a continuous bearing for the fulcrum knife-edge.
  • Therefore for balances of precision the end knife-edges are fixed on the top of the beam so as to present a continuous unbroken knife-edge, and the fulcrum knife-edge is also made continuous, the beam being cored out or cut away to admit of the introduction of the stand bearing.

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