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  • Also, the advanced induction technology transfers up to 90 percent directly to the magnetic cookware; it uses 25 percent less energy than a traditional ceramic-glass cooktop and 58 percent less energy than gas cooktops.
  • If you are looking for a way to prepare more stovetop dishes at one time than your cooktop can accommodate, Presto griddles are a convenient and affordable way to get the cooking surface space you need.
  • Use mosaics all over your backsplash for a contemporary look, or create a focal point behind your cooktop with mosaic tiles while you use a more traditional tile along the counters.
  • Run subway tiles in a running bond along the counters, and use a herringbone pattern behind the cooktop or use straight tiles along the counters and diagonal behind the cooktop.
  • Induction cooktop technology heats only the pan and its contents and offers energy efficiency by reducing wasted heat when compared to radiant and gas cooktops.

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