Sentence Examples

  • Among the more important are Certayne Reasons why Cntholiques refuse to goe to Church (Douai, 1580), A Christian Directorie guiding Men to their Saluation (London, 1583-1591, 2 parts), A Conference about the Next Succession to the Crowne of Ingland (1594), Treatise of the Three Conversions of England (1603-1604, 3 parts), an answer to Foxe's Acts and Monuments.
  • The explanation is twofoldthe extraordinary increase (I) in their numbers in Berlin and the province of Brandenburg, and (2) in the number of conversions to the Christian faith.
  • Among the Bulgars and Greeks the conversions were less numerous.
  • Several conversions and compositions followed, interest being paid irregularly.
  • Thus the digestive function, in its largest sense, is now seen to consist, not only in preparation and supply, but in no small measure also of protective and antidotal conversions of the matters submitted to it; coincidently with agents of digestion proper are found in the circuit of normal digestion "anti-substances" which neutralize or convert peptones in their poisonous phases; an autochthonous ferment, such as rennet for instance, calling forth an anti-rennet, and so on.