Sentence Examples

  • The action on the part of the British government resulted in considerable correspondence with the Congo government, which denied the charges of systematic ill-treatment of the natives and controverted the contention that its policy constituted an infringement of the Berlin Act.
  • The very worst is, beyond all doubt, that of Gray; the most controverted that of Milton.
  • 2 It was violently controverted by the bishops, notably by Dionysius of Alexandria, and the development in the East of the philosophical doctrine of the Trinity after Origen (from 260 to 320) was very powerfully influenced by the opposition to Sabellianism.
  • Bergman, whom he controverted, he must be regarded as the founder.
  • It was estimated that when first visited by Europeans the native 1 The existence of " Group Marriage " is a much-controverted point.