Sentence Examples

  • Starting with the most simple of maternity lingerie, bras and panties have become much more contoured to the expecting mother's body while still looking appealing.
  • The trunks are all made of 100 percent polyester and are usually loaded with the kinds of extras that water lovers truly appreciate including Velcro fly closures, waistbands contoured for comfort, wax combs, easy-open tabs and more.
  • Dust it on with a light hand for a contoured finish, or be more liberal and mix it with your favorite body lotion or hair oil for a glimmer effect elsewhere on the body.
  • You'll need to protect it with a contoured zip-up cover that can withstand the elements while still allowing you easy access if you happen to forget something inside.
  • Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs - A contoured sleep mask provides facial support (which can help reduce sinus pain) while also providing the blackout effect.