Sentence Examples

  • She did not sit down but looked at him with a contemptuous smile, waiting for the valet to go.
  • One of the audience, with a contemptuous remark, took a handful of pebbles to pelt him with.
  • In contemptuous condemnation he was called the friend of the outcasts (Matt.
  • There seems no reason to accept Gibbon's contemptuous estimate of their social position.
  • A name of a deity on an Assyrian inscription of the 12th century B.C. has been read as Baal-zabubi, but this reading has now been abandoned in favour of Baal-sapunu (Baal-Zephon).5 Cheyne considers that Baalzebub is a " contemptuous uneuphonic Jewish modification of the true name Baalzebul."