Sentence Examples

  • It is interesting to note that at the synod of Antioch the use of the word consubstantial to denote the relation of God the Father to the divine Son or Logos was condemned, although it afterwards became at the Council of Nicaea the watchword of the orthodox faction.
  • They held that Christ's body was so inseparably united with the Logos as not to be consubstantial with humanity; its natural attributes were so heightened as to make it sinless and incorruptible.
  • Of a consubstantial Trinity the Cathars naturally had never heard.
  • The Nicaeo-Constantinopolitan creed declared that Christ was consubstantial (ouoobutos) with the Father, and that He had become man (ivavOpunriQas).
  • Within this the individual moves and acts with liberty and responsibility; for each, in will, affection and intellect is consubstantial with the rest.