Sentence Examples

  • Or constellations, and each received a name suggested by mythological or other figures.
  • Maraldi), giving zoneobservations of 10,000 stars, and describing fourteen new constellations; "Observations sur 515 etoiles du Zodiaque" (published in t.
  • Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere >>
  • Moreover, we have good reasons for inferring that different constellations of external causes may determine whether the internal physiological disturbances induced by a given agent shall lead to pathological and dangerous variations, or to changes which may be harmless or even advantageous to the plant concerned.
  • (Vitruvius names Cicero and Lucretius as post nostram memoriam nascentes.) The subjects of the eight chapters are - (1) the signs of the zodiac and the seven planets; (2) the phases of the moon; (3) the passage of the sun through the zodiac; (4) and (5) various constellations; (6) the relation of astrological influences to nature; (7) the mathematical divisions of the gnomon; (8) various kinds of sundials and their inventors.