Sentence Examples

  • To Constance, daughter of King Roger, and heiress of the Hauteville dynasty.
  • The pope then took refuge with Carlo Malatesta, lord of Rimini, through whom he presented his resignation to the council of Constance on the 4th of July 1415.
  • Having established his daughter Margaret as regent for Charles in the Netherlands, Maximilian met the diet at Constance in 1507, when the imperial chamber (Reichskammergericht) was revised and took a more permanent form, and help was granted for an expedition to Italy.
  • Having married Constance, daughter of Manfred of Beneventum, he came forward as the representative of the claims of the Hohenstaufen in Naples and Sicily against Charles, duke of Anjou.
  • BOHEMUND (I 108 - 1131), son of the great Bohemund by his marriage with Constance of France, was born in '108, the year of his father's defeat at Durazzo.