Sentence Examples

  • In 2008, researchers from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and the Autism Consortium conducted a genome-wide scan that identified a region of genome that is either missing or duplicated in some people with autism.
  • Because widgets became popular for use on the web in the mid-2000's, the World Wide Web Consortium created the Widget 1.0 standard, which operates the same when they created the HTML 1.0 standard.
  • The Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living brings awareness to the need for person-centered living, stressing the needs of seniors in hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.
  • A database of Florida marriage records from county clerks of the court is available from, a project of the Florida Local Government Internet Consortium.
  • Pioneered and championed by expert designers and bloggers such as Jeffrey Zeldman, the demand eventually resulted in the formation of the WorldWideWeb Consortium, or W3C.