Sentence Examples

  • Princess Patricia of Connaught resigned her royal title on her marriage, and elected to be known as Lady Patricia Ramsay.
  • The Duchess of Connaught died in London March 14 1917.
  • His successor was the duke of Connaught and Strathearn; the vice-presidents including the duke of Portland, Lord Algernon Gordon Lennox, J.
  • BURGH [[[Bourke|BOURKE]], ], the name of an historic Irish house, associated with Connaught for more than seven centuries.
  • In 1199-1201 he was supporting in turn Cathal Carrach and Cathal Crovderg for the native throne, but he was expelled from Limerick in 1203, and, losing his Connaught, though not his Munster estates, died in 1205.