Sentence Examples

  • Nor had he any wish to undermine established beliefs, except where he conceived that they conflicted with a truer religion and a purer morality.
  • They were willing enough to admit the abstract claims of the Empire; but in the world of feudalism there was a multitude of established customs and rights which rudely conflicted with these claims, and in action, remote and abstract considerations gave way before concrete and present realities.
  • By his interpreters it was transformed into a theory of one soul common to all mankind, and when thus corrupted conflicted not unreasonably with the doctrines of a future life, common to Islam and Christendom.
  • The date conflicted with the Election Day for sheriff but Cynthia repeated her promise to vote absentee.
  • Deidre didn't know what to think about Gabriel, not when he seemed conflicted about her to start off with.