Sentence Examples

  • It has come down in a very corrupt state, and its difficulties are increased by the unpoetical nature of the subject, the straining after conciseness, and the obtrusive use of metaphor.
  • He made the world of men and things his study, learned to write his mother-tongue with idiomatic conciseness, and nourished his imagination on the masterpieces of the Romans.
  • Such merits as it possesses - simplicity of arrangement, clearness and conciseness of expression - belong less to Tribonian than to Gaius, who was closely followed wherever the alterations in the law had not made him obsolete.
  • Considerations on the Philosophy of Portuguese Literary History, has that peculiar refinement, clearness and conciseness which stamped the later work of this sensitive thinker.
  • (1907), though written from a different standpoint, resemble Denney's in their conciseness and penetration.