Sentence Examples

  • The year 1857 saw the debut of the Mistick Krewe of Comus, dressed in highly theatrical costume that was a representation of "The Demon Actors in Milton's Paradise Lost."
  • Earlier in the work, however, we have the adventures of Brutus; of his follower Corineus, the vanquisher of the Cornish giant Goemagol (Gogmagog); of Locrinus and his daughter Sabre (immortalized in Milton's Comus); of Bladud the builder of Bath; of Lear and his daughters; of the three pairs of brothers, Ferrex and Porrex, Brennius and Belinus, Elidure and Peridure.
  • In 1634 Milton's Comus was performed in the castle under its original style of "A Masque presented at Ludlow Castle," before the earl of Bridgewater, Lord President of Wales.
  • ALEXANDRE AUGUSTE LEDRU-ROLLIN (1807-1874), French politician, was the grandson of Nicolas Philippe Ledru, the celebrated quack doctor known as "Comus" under Louis XIV., and was born in a house that was once Scarron's, at Fontenay-aux-Roses (Seine), on the 2nd of February 1807.
  • COMUS (from KWµos, revel, or a company of revellers), in the later mythology of the Greeks, the god of festive mirth.