Sentence Examples

  • There he would be in close connexion with his friend and patron Spencer Compton, 2nd earl of Northampton.
  • Compton and W.
  • HENRY COMPTON (1632-1713), English divine, was the sixth and youngest son of the second earl of Northampton.
  • At the Revolution Compton embraced the cause of William and Mary; he performed the ceremony of their coronation; his old position was restored to him; and among other appointments„ he was chosen as one of the commissioners for revising the liturgy..
  • A settlement was established here in 1730 and was named New Liverpool; about 1732 the name was changed to New Town; in 1739 the town was incorporated, was made the county-seat and was renamed, this time in honour of Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington (c. 16 731 743).