Sentence Examples

  • The kingdom of East Anglia comprised the two counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.
  • The neighbourhood, comprised in the rich valley of the Avon, is beautiful though of no considerable elevation.
  • Farther south the best-known tribes are the Manchus, the Mongols proper, the Moguls and the Turks, all known under the name of Tatars, and to the ancients as Scythians, occupying from east to west the zone of Asia comprised between the 40th and 50th circles of N.
  • North-eastern Albania forms part of the Turkish vilayet of Kossovo; the northern highlands are included in the vilayet of Shkodra (Scutari), the eastern portion of central Albania belongs to the vilayet of Monastir, and the southern districts are comprised in the vilayet of Iannina.
  • In the beginning of the 18th century Wangeroog comprised eight times its present area.