Sentence Examples

  • After the testing is over, the hard part begins; weighing and recording my compilations and comparing them to past exposure levels.
  • The longer efforts partake of the nature of translations from sundry medieval compilations like those of Guido di Colonna and Boccaccio, which are in Latin.
  • In making his selection of halakhoth, Rabbi used the earlier compilations, which are quoted as "words of Rabbi `Agiba" or of R.
  • Although Judah was always closely connected with the south, these " southern " features (once clearly more extensive and complete) are found in the Deuteronomic and priestly compilations, and their presence in the historical records can hardly be severed from the prominence of " southern " families in the vicinity of Jerusalem, some time after the fall of Jerusalem.
  • The perplexing relation between the admittedly late compilations and the actual course of the early history becomes still more intricate when one observes such a feature as the late interest in the Israelite tribes.