Sentence Examples

  • For books a few compendiums suffice him.
  • An immense mass of material has been collected on the subject of vapour-pressures and densities, the greater part of which will be found in Winkelmann's Handbook, in Landolt's and Bornstein's Tables, and in similar compendiums. The results vary greatly in accuracy, and are frequently vitiated by errors of temperature measurement, by chemical impurities and surface condensation, or by peculiarities of the empirical formulae employed in smoothing the observations; but it would not be within the scope of the present article to discuss these details.
  • Legal compendiums and systems of philosophy served their age and gave place to later developments; and the elasticity of interpretation which characterizes it enabled it to outlive Karaites and Kabbalists.
  • Historical writing has also received much attention, beginning with the early work of Jose Manuel Restrepo (1827), and a considerable number of histories, compendiums and memoirs have been published, but none of real importance.
  • In addition he wrote several popular compendiums of American history for schools and homes.

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